Engineering Services


3D CAD Modeling: 

  • —Converting ideas / concepts into engineered 3D CAD models
  • —Updating 3D models for ECNs (Engineering Change Notes)
  • Assembly models
  • —Converting 2D drawing into 3D CAD models
  • —Legacy conversion
  • Design calculations


2D Drawings: 

  • Preparing manufacturing drawings
  • Consideration of tolerances for specific manufacturing process
  • Assembly drawings
  • Bill of material
  • Legacy conversion  

Finite Element Analysis:  

  • —FE Modeling – Performing Analysis is worry-free and less time consuming if FE model has been prepared carefully for given analysis.

  • —Linear / Non-Linear Static Analysis – Appropriate contact definitions between components makes sure right load path in analysis of assemblies. Bolt loads extracted from FEA provides inputs for bolt design.

  • —Vibration Analysis – Finding the natural frequency of component and evaluating the design under different excitations

  • —Impact / Safety Analysis – Crash as per FMVSS, EuroNCAP, ECE regulations. Drop test of components 

  • Thermal, Structural, Thermo-Structural Analysis

  • Fatigue calculations 

  • Optimization – Use the material where it is needed

  • Formability Analysis of Sheet Metal components – Evaluate your design for crack and wrinkle free formability. 

  • Layered Composites Analysis – Most of the time, failure in layered composites starts due to inter-laminar shear. We evaluate inter-laminar shear stresses through FEA. The inter-laminar shear strength of a Chop Strand Mat (CSM) and Woven Roving Mat (WRM) combination is different than UDL/UDL and WRM/WRM combination. Also through different manufacturing processes, we obtain different fiber percentage in laminate which in turn changes the strength of laminate.